Feb. is almost over?! What?!

Hello all! Mags and I have been super busy these past few weeks. School and work have been getting the best of me. Maggie has been great! She is still as rotten as can be! :D Her chewing has started up again, but I got her another bone that she loves so much!! I can not believe she will be ONE in April! How crazy!! I think I may throw her a little party with her cousins. Hope everyone is doing well and I will have to read up on every one's blogs and catch up!!


Boarding Questions

Has anyone left their furbaby in a dog boarding place while they went on vacation? I am considering it for this summer for like 4 days, but it makes me nervous. Call me crazy but I am worried she will think mommy and daddy are not coming back!! I want to be able to enjoy myself while on vacation, but I can't if I am worring the entire time!


lazy bum

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sick day

Maggie enjoying my sick day. She is happy mommy is home and she wont have to be in her crate all day!
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She is fine!

I will post pics of Maggies mani later...but she was limping bc of her nails! Poor girl! Well, we went and got them done and we got them painted PINK while we were at it! HOW CUTE!! She looks like a little princess!!



Maggie came out of her crate limping and IDK why! It is making me sad. I hope it is nothing serious...

She is playing with toys and walking around so I am not sure how bad it hurts her and she still jumped on the bed...I don't know just worries me, I don't like it.  Her nails need cut bad so maybe it is that?