What a BRAT!

I walked out of the bedroom this morning and saw all my Paw it forward stuff on the floor that I got for Peanut! My dog is a brat!! I am sorry Peanut. :( One of your toys will be missing a tag because it was digested by Maggie. And it may have a little Maggie lovin on it. The other stuff is thankfully still good!!



Kong Ideas

I have a Kong for Maggie. I really have not used it with her until recently. I didn't think I knew how to use it.  I started putting some peanut butter in it and giving it to her in her crate while I am at work. After a couple days I decided to freeze the peanut butter in the Kong over night in hopes that it would last a little longer in her crate. I then started adding some of her kibble frozen in the peanut butter. I then got to thinking...what else can I put in a Kong to keep her wanting it?

I bought a can of Wellness wet dog food and I scoped some of it into the Kong and it is freezing right now. I think I may give this to her later and not give her as much kibble at dinner to make up the calories. Don't want a chubby corgi!

I started looking for ideas of what to stuff in a Kong and found this website. It has a few good ideas. I might try them...

Do you guys use Kong's? What do you put inside? How do you guys clean the Kong? Is running water in it enough or is it dishwasher safe? What exactly does a Kong wobbler do?


Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves yesterday. I know we did. :D It was nice to spend some time with family and just relax.

Maggie got to play with her "cousins", my brother and sister-in-laws two mixed dashhounds. They are mixed with lab. Dandy the boy, loves his ball (I think that is the lab in him) and it never leaves his mouth and Daisy is much more reserved and curious about everything. All she did was sniff Maggie's butt. Ew. 
Maggie "shadowed" Dandy. Somebody would throw the ball for Dandy to get and Maggie would follow him but stop and let him get the ball. It was like he was teaching her how to play, haha. I think Dandy would have had a shit storm though if Maggie got the ball. I think she knew this too...

She wore herself out

They boyfriend had to be up at an ugly hour to be at work. I know he will be tired when he gets home. I went out this afternoon and avoided the early morning shoppers. I scored Maggie some stuff and I got Peanut some stuff for Paw it Forward!! Very exciting!

One of the things I got on sale was a toothbrush and toothpaste for Maggie. It was only six dollars. I attempted that today. She did not like the brush at all and ran from me. I put her in the bathroom after she relaxed and used the little finger brush that came with it and that worked tons better. How often are you supposed to brush?!

Did anyone else go out today and shop? Score any good deals?!



Maggie peed in my bed yesterday. And it wasn't just a tiny bit of pee...it was a pond...that was heading towards my lap top. 

Thankfully, I had this thick pad on my bed made of feathers and it did not soak onto the mattress. But I don't know how to wash that...it can not go in the washer...

There may be a corgi in my box of donations......jokes. BUT it did make me VERY angry!!! I took her potty about an hour before she did that!

Enjoy your Wednesday! :D


The time to give back

I have decided that I am donating to my local animal shelter this holiday season. Why not do something nice...I have asked around to my friends and family for help collecting items. I can only donate so much so I am hoping that by asking around I can gather a few extra items to take there. :D

Hope this turns out well...

It feels good to give back to the communuty even when I don't have much right now. This is what we need to remember about the Holiday season.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! Almost Turkey day!!



Lately Maggie has been using the boyfriends and I hands as "chew" toys. I do not believe it is aggression at all. Perhaps how she would play with her litter mates? She is 7 months now for background info... but how do I properly stop it? I have tried telling people who come in contact with her (parents) no more hand games. My dad likes to put his hands out in front of her and such while he is playing with her as a tease. I know the boyfriend does it as well with out thinking about it and I do not want her getting all confused. He tends to bop her on the nose when she does it and she thinks that is a game and will keep doing it back. I am just getting worried because I am afraid of it getting out of control and she may do it to a child or go near our face (there has been some close calls) or just simple bite down too hard sometime.

Any suggestions are welcome!


Lazy Sunday

Maggie and I both have been complete bums today. Only time we left the couch was when one of us had to pee. :D

I have never seen her sleep all day like this! Weird...


Paw it Forward is here!

I was so excited when I got home after work and saw Maggie's package! She was a little hesitant of the package but once she saw what was inside she would sneak up and take each item and run away with it! *hehe* I must say she got way spoiled!

The package.

Maggie looking at all the goodies!
All the goodies!
This was a hit!

I can not thank you guys enough! Maggie loves the blue stuffed kong toy so much! She ran up to her daddy with it when he came home from work. :D Also, I have been wanting one those water bottles for awhile now!! The first aid book is really cute too(love the corgi on the front) The keychain is adorable! Maggie wants to eat all the goodies now....she ran off with little dog food rolls! Once, again thank you for the wonderful package! I can not thank you enough!

Now it is your turn to recieve a package for your little furbaby! First one to comment and leave their e-mail is the winner!


Maggie did very well during the individual exam. More then I expected! I was very proud of her! The trainer said she looked very proud every time she sat down. :D

Then it was time for the group "down stays". That was a mess. We had to move rings and she got distracted with all the people who walked in for the next graduation. She did not lay down at ALL! Not once!! It made me soo angry!

I want to move on with her but I am not sure if I want to do it at the same place or not...we will see.

She got a yummy dinner from Three Dog Bakery last night and scarfed it all up!

I am so excited to get off work tonight and find Maggie's "Paw it forward" package from The Corgi Aria !! We are super excited to see the surprises! Will be posting pictures of the excitement! I can not wait to pass on the kindness!


What's that? A corgi in a tent?!

The Magster had her first throw up today. I gave her some green beans when I was eatting lunch at my parents and I guess it did not sit well with her. Poor girl.

I did some shopping today and I found this cute little "tent" for dogs at Kohls. It was such a nifty little thing! It folds up and down as you need it! There are little blinds on the side that you can fold up! You have to remove like three poles to put the whole thing back down, but it is honestly not that big of a hassle!!

I got to thinking and this would be a fantastic item to have when we have to stay the night at the boyfriends parents house on Christmas Eve. She usually sleeps with us in bed and we have a king...at his parents house it is a full and I can not imagine her squeezing into that bed with us! What a night that would be!! And I do not fully trust her yet to be let loose in the bedroom at night. The thought of lugging around her plastic crate annoyed me. I hate the fact it would take up the entire backseat and she would have had to ride in it. I like her in her seat belt in the car. I feel like she is much safer that way!

Maggie inside the tent.
She was not fond of it at all. But it is nothing that she can not get used to. She will have to :) Makes mommy's life a little easier! Once her blankets and a toy are inside it she will feel right at home with it!


Beautiful Saturday

It was such a beautiful Saturday. I am pretty sure it got to be 70 degrees outside. Of course I took this opportunity to take Maggie to the park for a walk. Not sure how many of these beautiful days are left. Could be a blizzard tomorrrow...after all it is OHIO.

Ah come on Ma! I iz ready!
Ma, you forgot the water!

It is now raining, so I am glad she got her walk in. Def wore her out for a little bit. She has spent some time with her hoomin grandparents this weekend. They love their little furgrand dog.


Hello gun shots-oh how I missed you.

The boy got his new game tonight. Call of Duty-Black Ops We went to the midnight release. Granted he is a manager at Best Buy and we walked past the mass amounts of people who were waiting in line for hours. It was still fun for him. He is happily sitting on the couch killing people at 1:30am while Maggie and I watch. I don't really mind. It makes him happy. He does everything in the world for me--this is the least I can do. I even took a half day at work so I could stay up with him and enjoy in his happiness.

Maggie might have other things in mind.

As I type she is starting to FRAP...hehe.


Bling Bling

Last week I decided to order Maggie a new tag because hers was rubbing off and it was hard to read. We haven't even had it for 5 months yet. Geesh. I have become addicited to the website Etsy and I found some reallly cute dog tags and it was so hard for me to choose just one! Thanks to makeyourdogsmile, Maggie has some purty new bling!

Our phone number is at the bottom of the tag, but I blurred it out. I was going to put it in her Christmas stocking, but I don't know if I can wait that long!!! 

We went over to my parent's house today and that always wears Maggie out! Grandpa loves to play with her! I enjoy it because I get a nice tired puppy when we come home! :)

Don't mind the bare belly. She got spayed two weeks ago and they had to shave her fuzzy belly and it made me sad. I loved all her furriness!! It is starting to grow back slowly...

 Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Remember the time changes! Ahhhh extra sleep! ZZzzzzzZZzzzzzzzz


.Daddy's home.

The boyfriend has been gone since Sunday night on a business trip and he came home early today! This makes me reallllly happy because I HATE when he is gone for along time. Sometimes I get a bit paranoid and feel much safer when he is here. Maggie got a surprise this afternoon when he was the one who came home and let her out of her crate! I wish I would have been there to see her excitement. I know she missed him! Though she isn't going to be too happy when he goes to bed in her "spot" that she claimed this past week. =p

Maggie not wanting to wake up from "daddy's spot" this morning.

She has been a little cuddle bug with us this evening and it has been nice. Such a sweet little corgi.
Funny story: We met the corgi's across the street that made us want to get maggie the other day and as we were talking we discussed where we got our little furbabys and found out that they came from the same breeder! Such a small world! They are a few litters apart and have different parents...but still! HOW EXCITING!

<---- I was walking around the kitchen corner and found this. Her ears were bent backwards as she was eatting! Her ears are so huge. I think they are bigger then other corgi's! Don't judge.

Edit: I would just like to mention that Maggie and I just won "Paw it Forward" from The Corgi Aria!!!!!! We are both soooo excited! We are anxiously awaiting our package! I will be continuing the awesomeness soon sooooooo stay tuned to see when I post it! I can not wait to post the pictures of Mags with her package!!


.obedience school.

Maggie has been in obedience classes for the past couple weeks. In fact, we have class tonight. I think she has two or three more classes left until graduation. I am getting nervous for this because well...she is a stubborn little thing. I swear she only works for treats. Figures. Last week she tested me sooo bad there!  >: \  I kept telling her "down" and she would just stare at me like, "ppft okay mom, I don't see any cheese in your hand yet". But the moment the bag rustles she is down in a heartbeat! We are doing okay with "sit stay", but not as well as I hoped I would be at this point. I can not walk around her with out her moving. She get's really distracted there with the other dogs sometimes.  Ohhhh, I hope we pass!!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. :)


My first post!

My Maggie May entered my life this past July. My boyfriend and I recently moved into a house and decided to add a furbaby to our home. We could not decide what kind of pup to get because well...I like smaller dogs and he loves big dogs! The boyfriend was mowing the grass and our neighbors came out with two corgi's. He came running to me and said, "THAT'S IT, THEM!".

Two weeks later we had Maggie May in our home...

(Maggie's very first day with us)

She has been a blessing and I could not ask for anything more. She is always bringing a smile to my face.

(Another shot of her from her first day with us!)

She is now 6 months old and is a little firecracker.

I look forward to posting about our adventures together. I hope to find other fellow corgi lovers out there as well!