Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves yesterday. I know we did. :D It was nice to spend some time with family and just relax.

Maggie got to play with her "cousins", my brother and sister-in-laws two mixed dashhounds. They are mixed with lab. Dandy the boy, loves his ball (I think that is the lab in him) and it never leaves his mouth and Daisy is much more reserved and curious about everything. All she did was sniff Maggie's butt. Ew. 
Maggie "shadowed" Dandy. Somebody would throw the ball for Dandy to get and Maggie would follow him but stop and let him get the ball. It was like he was teaching her how to play, haha. I think Dandy would have had a shit storm though if Maggie got the ball. I think she knew this too...

She wore herself out

They boyfriend had to be up at an ugly hour to be at work. I know he will be tired when he gets home. I went out this afternoon and avoided the early morning shoppers. I scored Maggie some stuff and I got Peanut some stuff for Paw it Forward!! Very exciting!

One of the things I got on sale was a toothbrush and toothpaste for Maggie. It was only six dollars. I attempted that today. She did not like the brush at all and ran from me. I put her in the bathroom after she relaxed and used the little finger brush that came with it and that worked tons better. How often are you supposed to brush?!

Did anyone else go out today and shop? Score any good deals?!


  1. Dogs sniffing other dog's butts is "hi" in dog language. Thanks for all your kindness on picking all the stuff out for the paw it forward package! I'm excited too! Nice one... s*** storm. :)

  2. glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and Maggie could come along in the celebration!!! I had to work this morning so no shopping for me (I can't believe stores were opening up at 3 a.m.!!!)

    enjoy the weekend :)