.Daddy's home.

The boyfriend has been gone since Sunday night on a business trip and he came home early today! This makes me reallllly happy because I HATE when he is gone for along time. Sometimes I get a bit paranoid and feel much safer when he is here. Maggie got a surprise this afternoon when he was the one who came home and let her out of her crate! I wish I would have been there to see her excitement. I know she missed him! Though she isn't going to be too happy when he goes to bed in her "spot" that she claimed this past week. =p

Maggie not wanting to wake up from "daddy's spot" this morning.

She has been a little cuddle bug with us this evening and it has been nice. Such a sweet little corgi.
Funny story: We met the corgi's across the street that made us want to get maggie the other day and as we were talking we discussed where we got our little furbabys and found out that they came from the same breeder! Such a small world! They are a few litters apart and have different parents...but still! HOW EXCITING!

<---- I was walking around the kitchen corner and found this. Her ears were bent backwards as she was eatting! Her ears are so huge. I think they are bigger then other corgi's! Don't judge.

Edit: I would just like to mention that Maggie and I just won "Paw it Forward" from The Corgi Aria!!!!!! We are both soooo excited! We are anxiously awaiting our package! I will be continuing the awesomeness soon sooooooo stay tuned to see when I post it! I can not wait to post the pictures of Mags with her package!!


  1. Hahah -her ears. That is very interesting how your neighbor's corgi was from the same litter! Peanut doesn't really claim anything but HIS things. Maggie's ears were probably back because she was rolling around with a toy or something. Have a great Turkey day!(Thanksgiving)

  2. she looks very cute on the bed! how neat that she came from the same breeder as your neighbors!! Koda is always miserable when my husband is out of town, moping around, etc. I'm always glad when he comes home just so Koda stops pouting!