Maggie peed in my bed yesterday. And it wasn't just a tiny bit of pee...it was a pond...that was heading towards my lap top. 

Thankfully, I had this thick pad on my bed made of feathers and it did not soak onto the mattress. But I don't know how to wash that...it can not go in the washer...

There may be a corgi in my box of donations......jokes. BUT it did make me VERY angry!!! I took her potty about an hour before she did that!

Enjoy your Wednesday! :D


  1. Maggie!!!!!!!!! I think I would be angry too. I wonder what made her do that? Was she upset about anything?


  2. I would be swearing especially because you can't wash the blanket, but that has happened before to me except the blanket was washable. Peanut has a problem with crapping everywhere all the time. >:(