Hello gun shots-oh how I missed you.

The boy got his new game tonight. Call of Duty-Black Ops We went to the midnight release. Granted he is a manager at Best Buy and we walked past the mass amounts of people who were waiting in line for hours. It was still fun for him. He is happily sitting on the couch killing people at 1:30am while Maggie and I watch. I don't really mind. It makes him happy. He does everything in the world for me--this is the least I can do. I even took a half day at work so I could stay up with him and enjoy in his happiness.

Maggie might have other things in mind.

As I type she is starting to FRAP...hehe.


  1. LOL on the frapping!! I did hear that game came out! enjoy!


  2. haha, I don't mind watching those games either. It's almost like watching a movie.. :)

  3. (This is to the comment you posted on my blog)

    Keep trying! Now, you and Maggie just push farther than you can! And next thing you know, you will pass the Advanced course! But I am very guilty myself. I have not trained Peanut all week! You know what? I will just train him right now. It's my free time. I have to go train Peanut. I know you and Maggie can pass!! After all, she is a corgi(smarts!)