Beautiful Saturday

It was such a beautiful Saturday. I am pretty sure it got to be 70 degrees outside. Of course I took this opportunity to take Maggie to the park for a walk. Not sure how many of these beautiful days are left. Could be a blizzard tomorrrow...after all it is OHIO.

Ah come on Ma! I iz ready!
Ma, you forgot the water!

It is now raining, so I am glad she got her walk in. Def wore her out for a little bit. She has spent some time with her hoomin grandparents this weekend. They love their little furgrand dog.


  1. It was so beautiful last week! Now it is starting to feel like winter here :(

  2. glad she got a walk in before the rain came!! Always challenging with the days ahead with winter approaching on what the weather will be like from day to day. I remember them far too well living in Montana at one time :)

    hoping today is a good day for you all


  3. Everyone has a great Saturday, but nothing really happened on Saturday for me and Peanut, but glad Maggie got to do something!

  4. Nala had a blast this weekend! It was her 3rd barkday. She went to the FL Corgi Picnic, and played non-stop for like 4 and a half hours. We went today to a doggie park and to a Farmer's Market. Got her a special treat, and now she is ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Great and beautiful weekend everywhere. Glad Maggie enjoyed hers too.