.obedience school.

Maggie has been in obedience classes for the past couple weeks. In fact, we have class tonight. I think she has two or three more classes left until graduation. I am getting nervous for this because well...she is a stubborn little thing. I swear she only works for treats. Figures. Last week she tested me sooo bad there!  >: \  I kept telling her "down" and she would just stare at me like, "ppft okay mom, I don't see any cheese in your hand yet". But the moment the bag rustles she is down in a heartbeat! We are doing okay with "sit stay", but not as well as I hoped I would be at this point. I can not walk around her with out her moving. She get's really distracted there with the other dogs sometimes.  Ohhhh, I hope we pass!!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. :)


  1. Sounds very familiar of Gibson 2 years ago!! Don't lose hope, maybe she'll surprise you :)

  2. Thanks for joining my blog! I love your little corgi! And the "Down" command takes time. The corgi works EXCELLENT with obedience. Don't get mad at Maggie, because you have to work *really* hard in order to make her the best in the class. Peanut is the best in his class- always. But, that's because I put all my effort into this obedience. Peanut is in Advanced obedience(the last one) and he has to pass his CGC test(you'll learn about it later) in order to become a therapy dog. Don't forget
    to work hard! If you want Maggie to do her best, take all your free time into practice time. That's what I did. I hope you will keep on going all the way to the advanced course! Your not alone. The first 3 weeks I had Peanut, I tried teaching him "down" and he refused. The next week I gently put a little push on his shoulders to teach him down and he did it! And also, every time I said the command "sit" his legs were to short for me to tell if he was sitting or not(hehe.) I know this is a long comment, but I just have a lot to say and keep working hard on this! Perhaps, if you still have trouble, notify your training instructor and he/she will most likely help you out a bit.
    Maggie's ears are huge! ;)

  3. Oh! And I love your profile pic! And I am going to Peanut's obedience lesson right now, so see you later!

  4. Thanks so much for the advice! I need to start working harder with her. I ran into the problem of not knowing if she was sitting all the way also! I do want to go on with her training and I am also interested in therapy dog training as well.

    Yes, her ears are huuuuge! :D She was the runt of the litter, but I think her ears make up for that!

  5. good luck! those corgis have a bit of a reputation for being a bit stubborn :)

    we only made it through puppy class with Koda, which was terrible since he is very smart and picks things up quick

    stick with it, hopefully it will "click" with Maggie