Lately Maggie has been using the boyfriends and I hands as "chew" toys. I do not believe it is aggression at all. Perhaps how she would play with her litter mates? She is 7 months now for background info... but how do I properly stop it? I have tried telling people who come in contact with her (parents) no more hand games. My dad likes to put his hands out in front of her and such while he is playing with her as a tease. I know the boyfriend does it as well with out thinking about it and I do not want her getting all confused. He tends to bop her on the nose when she does it and she thinks that is a game and will keep doing it back. I am just getting worried because I am afraid of it getting out of control and she may do it to a child or go near our face (there has been some close calls) or just simple bite down too hard sometime.

Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. I can't remember that far back (LOL, Koda will be six next month) but it seems to me in puppy class they said to "squeal" or make some sound that this was an unpleasant thing for you and the dog was supposed to (if I remember this correctly) equate it with not hurting litter mates so would stop. but like I said it was awhile ago so I could have this wrong. Koda will sometimes "mouth" my hand but I have to just firmly say "no" and he stops.

    good luck and hope someone offers something more concret for you


  2. Oh I remember that phase... :) I tried everything to get him to stop mouthing..but what worked was a combination of yelping when he'd bite us (to show him that it hurt.. make it sound like a dog's yelp) and leaving the room to show him that the game was over as soon as he bit us. He learned very quickly that biting = no fun!

  3. I tease Peanut like that, but he knows when it gets too far. What Maggie is doing is kind of like nipping. Every time she starts gnawing and stuff like that just firmly kind of yell "No!" And if she still doesn't stop then take her out of the room for 10 sec, bring her back in the room and if she does it again, do the same thing.

  4. Thanks! I will have to try all that!