Kong Ideas

I have a Kong for Maggie. I really have not used it with her until recently. I didn't think I knew how to use it.  I started putting some peanut butter in it and giving it to her in her crate while I am at work. After a couple days I decided to freeze the peanut butter in the Kong over night in hopes that it would last a little longer in her crate. I then started adding some of her kibble frozen in the peanut butter. I then got to thinking...what else can I put in a Kong to keep her wanting it?

I bought a can of Wellness wet dog food and I scoped some of it into the Kong and it is freezing right now. I think I may give this to her later and not give her as much kibble at dinner to make up the calories. Don't want a chubby corgi!

I started looking for ideas of what to stuff in a Kong and found this website. It has a few good ideas. I might try them...

Do you guys use Kong's? What do you put inside? How do you guys clean the Kong? Is running water in it enough or is it dishwasher safe? What exactly does a Kong wobbler do?


  1. I tried a Kong with Koda when he was young and either I did it wrong or he wasn't interested in it, but he didn't "take" to it so I stopped using it. Glad Maggie seems to enjoy it though.


  2. I have both a kong and a kong wobbler. I put peanut butter, bananas and apples in the kong. I don't use peanut butter that much though because when there is left overs, it looks so gross when you wash it. A kong wobbler is a brain game. It's were the dog has to learn to push the kong wobbler so the treats come out through the hole. And for the regular kong and wobbler, the brand Kong sells stuffing treats in a variety of flavors and sizes. They sell cookie and whipped stuffing for the regular kong, but you can use the cookies for the wobbler too. Peanut loves them, but he finishes everything so fast. You can show Maggie how to push the kong my teaching her to dig it or something - that's how I taught Peanut. I hope you and Maggie have fun with this Kong thing.

  3. I put a chunk of banana in Gibson's Kong for him everyday when i leave for work :)