Maggie did very well during the individual exam. More then I expected! I was very proud of her! The trainer said she looked very proud every time she sat down. :D

Then it was time for the group "down stays". That was a mess. We had to move rings and she got distracted with all the people who walked in for the next graduation. She did not lay down at ALL! Not once!! It made me soo angry!

I want to move on with her but I am not sure if I want to do it at the same place or not...we will see.

She got a yummy dinner from Three Dog Bakery last night and scarfed it all up!

I am so excited to get off work tonight and find Maggie's "Paw it forward" package from The Corgi Aria !! We are super excited to see the surprises! Will be posting pictures of the excitement! I can not wait to pass on the kindness!


  1. It's okay that Maggie didn't go down. Every time I go to Petsmart Peanut always used to not listen at all until advanced, but he was still excellent. Congratulations maggie and lisa for all your hard work! And this is for the comment you left on my blog: Petsmart is a very good obedience spot. And if your behind then you can do a private class with you and your dog and the training instructor to get a little help. Petsmart to me is the ultimate. I also got my paws-it-forward package(I wrote about it on my blog) I am so proud of you and Maggie! Keep going!

  2. congrats on the certificate of completion! Maggie is still young; I bet she matures and settles down and becomes less distracted!