What's that? A corgi in a tent?!

The Magster had her first throw up today. I gave her some green beans when I was eatting lunch at my parents and I guess it did not sit well with her. Poor girl.

I did some shopping today and I found this cute little "tent" for dogs at Kohls. It was such a nifty little thing! It folds up and down as you need it! There are little blinds on the side that you can fold up! You have to remove like three poles to put the whole thing back down, but it is honestly not that big of a hassle!!

I got to thinking and this would be a fantastic item to have when we have to stay the night at the boyfriends parents house on Christmas Eve. She usually sleeps with us in bed and we have a king...at his parents house it is a full and I can not imagine her squeezing into that bed with us! What a night that would be!! And I do not fully trust her yet to be let loose in the bedroom at night. The thought of lugging around her plastic crate annoyed me. I hate the fact it would take up the entire backseat and she would have had to ride in it. I like her in her seat belt in the car. I feel like she is much safer that way!

Maggie inside the tent.
She was not fond of it at all. But it is nothing that she can not get used to. She will have to :) Makes mommy's life a little easier! Once her blankets and a toy are inside it she will feel right at home with it!


  1. that is a cute tent!! You are right, once she has a very familiar things in it, it will feel more like home!! sorry she had an "upset" stomach earlier!


  2. I don't know why she threw up those green beans. Perhaps an allergy? The tent looks long enough for a corgi! It's weird how Peanut is too long for his crate even though it had a corgi on the little tag picture thing(no idea what it's called.) It took me a while to have me trust Peanut enough to not "potty" on my bed. Very glad that Maggie got kinda used to her tent!