Boarding Questions

Has anyone left their furbaby in a dog boarding place while they went on vacation? I am considering it for this summer for like 4 days, but it makes me nervous. Call me crazy but I am worried she will think mommy and daddy are not coming back!! I want to be able to enjoy myself while on vacation, but I can't if I am worring the entire time!


  1. Can your parents or a close friend watch her instead? I'm sure you'd feel more relaxed if someone you knew were watching her :)

  2. I don't think my parents would watch her that long for me. That was one of their nagging things when we deiced to get her. "We won't be watching her all the time while you guys get to travel". So I am afraid to even ask them too.

  3. Awww, I wish I was closer, I would totally watch her for you. I am considering a doggy hotel sometime this summer for a few days too. My boyfriend said he's done it with his old dogs tons of times and they had a great time. Probably depends where you take her.

  4. I left them a couple of times due to emergencies. I make sure that the place has no cages. That they will sleep together, that they will feed them and walk them. That they have group or private playtime option. This place did not have a webcam. If you find one, that is a plus. They were very thorough with the interview, they gave me a long tour, and asked for all my babies medical records. They also have been around for awhile, and I "interviewed" some others customers. Both times I left them for 3 days.
    When I picked them up, both of them were happy and calm. No signs of nervousness. No "uninvited bugs" on their coats, scratches or anything. They gave me a report card also. LOL.
    Ask around and go and see some places. Don't make a last minute desicion. I prefer to vacation in "Dog friendly" places better. Take care and good luck!

  5. I've never brought Sadie to a boarding place. I was worried about the same thing, esp because she already has abandonment issues. But I know a lot of them have doggy webcams now so you can see your pup! I had a dog walker/sitter in Boston that would watch her for me...and now I have family members that watch her when I'm going away. I would just do a lot of research on the place you're thinking of bringing her (look up reviews online, etc.). But I am sure she will be ok! I know a lot of people that do that.

  6. thanks for your prayers for Koda. We have boarded him several times since we didn't have family or friends to watch him when we traveled (which wasn't that often). One of our favorite places was called the pet hotel; they did cater to pets, they had their own little room with their own little backyard; they got treats every day, you could arrange for play time where they got one on one play for 30 minutes a day (of course there was charge for it). He was very relaxed boarding there. If he got along with other dogs, he could have been with the other dogs during the day playing, but he didn't so that wasn't an awesome. We did board him once at the vet's where we were living at the time. The dogs were all together (in cages) and he was much more hyper when we picked him up. It was worth the money we paid for the pet hotel.

    Koda was always glad to see us when we picked him up. Boarding is not the best option of course, but it does work out okay if you need to do it