Mystery poop

Maggie is usually pretty uh regular. She eats two times a day and goes to the bathroom within five to ten minutes of eating.  Latley though I have been finding random poopsies on the floor from her. >:| I am not sure when she is doing it and I can not seem to "catch" her in the act. This has been happening the past few days. One time happned when the boyfriend was playing his video game and I left her with him and went to bed...I woke up the next morning to find it by the back door. Hmmm...is it entirely Maggie's fault? The other times it has been me that has been home...got to love mystery poops. Ugh.


  1. Aww good luck! At least she's not eating it to hide the mess like Dexter does. He's special...

  2. Perhaps take her more frequently? Maybe less fiber or whatever makes them "go" faster? Maybe the reason she was at the door and pooped is because she wanted to get out and take a crap there. Peanut does the same too, but that is because I forget to take him to his potty spot.