Corgi Cheerleader?

I have decided to start working out and have been eating more healthy. I have started using my gym membership that I got back in July. Yikes!

Maggie has been the cheerleader. Whenever I lay down to do crunches she hops right on top of me. I can just imagine her saying, "come on mom one more doooo itz". In reality she probably just thought it was a new game, haha.

Any new year resolutions for yourself?

Maggie says hers is to receive more non noms and sleep.
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  1. Dexter's is to start agility training. :)

  2. My new years resolution is simply just to master most of my figure skating fundamentals and to keep Peanut from getting any illness! And congrats to your healthy choices this year. If you start any sport, I'd like to know which one it is! Hope you and Maggie have a nice year.

  3. I would love to get Maggie into that as well!