Did it bleed?!

Tyler's family got to meet Maggie while we were visiting for Christmas and Tyler's 4 year old niece had a few questions about our furbaby.

Niece: Wisa, where is Maggie's tail?

Lisa: Umm (trying to figure out how to explain this) well some dogs don't have tails.

Niece: Why? (Surely, me working with 3 year olds for a living should have known this was not a good enough answer to her question).

Lisa: Sometimes dogs that look like Maggie chase around big animals like cows and if she had a tail she could get hurt.

Niece: Oh, but what is this thing? (points to nub)

Lisa: That is called a nub. She used to have a tail, but when she was a teeny tiny baby they cut it off.

Niece: A nub? Oh..did Maggie cry?

Lisa: Yes, a nub. No, I don't think she cried because she was really little.

Niece: Did it bleed?

Lisa: There might have been a little blood, but not a lot.

Niece: Does Maggie know she looks weird? (ohhhhhhh kids!)

Lisa: Maggie thinks dogs with tails look weird.

Niece: Ohhh well I guess if she did not cry then it is okay.

This converstation still makes me giggle.

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  1. omg that is so funny. I like the first line. Merry new year!