*baby it's cOld outside*

It has been rather chilly here in Ohio. Snow has been falling. *BrrrRR* Potty time is not FUN! Seems early this year...though I won't complain too much. Until next week when we have to travel an hour and half away on the 24th to the boyfriends parents house. I heard we are supposed to get a snow storm and I am hoping it is not too bad.

The Christmas tree is finally up. We had Christmas tree troubles. Ours broke and I was a little bummed that we were not going to have a tree up at our first Christmas in our first house. My brother gave me his old tree thankfully and got a new one. Tree problem solved.

We have been in a rut recently now that I think about it...

Monies has become sort of an issue. We have been in our house for about 9 months or so and I think it is catching up on us. We had to watch what we were spending and we have been staying at home a lot more and eating at home as much as we can. We can't buy a lot for people for Christmas and I know that presents are not what it is all about, just sucks that we REAAALLLY have to watch what we spend and we sort of have to pick and choose who to buy for this year. I guess this is growing up...

My car had a crack in the windshield and we went to get it fixed and they told us it could not be fixed...well it COULD but the crack was caused by rust and if they took off the windshield we ran the risk of running in to a bunch of rust and body work needing to be done and it could cost 7k and my car was a really old Geo Prism and was not worth that at all (not to mention that I did not have the money). My mom thankfully decided to give me her car and she bought herself a new one and kept the money that we got out of my old car. I had that car since I was 16 and it was kind of sad to see it go...

 A few days after that the boyfriend got into a car accident and we had to send his car off to be fixed. *sigh* He is okay, just sucks.

I came down with an AWFUL stomach bug and it knocked me off my feet for 5 days and I had to go to Urgent Care and my works insurance is not very good. I had to miss work a few days and I did not have much personal time left. The boyfriend got the bug right after me. Naturally.

I haven't seen the boyfriend in what seems like forever even though we live together! Between us getting sick and being bed ridden and us working it has been hard to find time together. He is a manager at Best Buy and the holidays are the worst time of year for him. I am proud of how much he works though and how good and dedicated he is at his job.

Despite all this-Maggie has been a blessing. She is so great to come home to and play with. I am so glad to have her in my life. I am thankful for everything that I DO have in my life. My family, my boyfriend, his family, my Maggie, my friends, my job, and my house.


  1. Maggie is so cute!! When we lived in Montana, we had a nice big fenced in yard so I could send Koda out and let him take care of business and not have to be out there with him (unless I had to shovel an area because it was too high for him to take care of business :) He never minded the cold either (strange dog, I was always cold up there).

    It is life with money and problems with it and lack of it. I have a dear young friend who worked hard with her and her husband, trying to get ahead but every time they tried to get ahead, something would happen that took their savings, etc. So you do the best you can. Homemade gifts like cookies could be a good thing. Tell you, me, who is not a baker, always appreciates them indeed!


  2. That really sucks how almost everything has been going "down hill" for you(especially around Christmas)but at least you have Maggie

  3. I'm sorry things have been a little rough lately. :( I hope the new year brings you much happiness!

  4. Thanks guys! It isn't that bad I know...just seems like everything hit us at once!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!