Upset tummy

I am glad all the running around for Christmas is now over. We had a wonderful Christmas and Maggie had her first over night stay at her grandparents house (with us) this weekend. She got to play with her step-sisters who are a Pug and a Bulldog. The Bulldog was not really fond of Maggie and we had to keep them seperated at times. The Bulldog is 8 years old and Maggie is only 9 months soooo I can only imagine the Bulldog being a grumpy old person annoyed by the toddler bouncing around.

Maggie snuck a few bites of their food (We feed her natural food like Fromm and they do not) and I had to put up their food and she chewed on one of their bones for awhile and I thought nothing of it...until now. She is so GASSY and it smells sooo bad. She has also had diarrhea after she had her normal dinner. :( Poor pups. Makes me sad.

Her cousins came over for the evening (2 dashhounds mixed with labs) and she played fine with them and she is passed out in our bed right now (I am sure she is beat from all the doggie playing). Her noise is dry and warm and she is still letting awful stinkers out. Is there anything I can do for her?! I hope it was the few bites of dog food and the bone and it is nothing serious!


  1. Perhaps Maggie has a sensitive stomach like Peanut. Because there was no weaning involved(none is really needed) that could have hurt her stomach. Were the other dogs sick? If this keeps going on for a few days then you should probably call her vet and ask the vet some questions.